Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fashion Must Have List

I've been doing some research lately into what staples I need to buy in order to complete my new wardrobe. These are the ones I've been told that everyone needs in their closet!

Fashion List

Flare Black Pants
Cardigans - Striped, Brights and Neutrals
Light brown leather jacket
Lace tops
Work dress shirts (for layering!)
Polka Dot shirt
Mint Jeans
Jewel coloured shirts (emeralds, burgandy and purples)
Plaid shirt
Coloured blazers
Jean shirt (Chambray)
High waisted skirt
Tweed Jacket
Denim Jacket

Big Statement Necklaces - bunched pearls
Brown Riding Boots
Everyday Heels
Gold Watch

What's on your Must-Have list??